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Pricing Chart

Prices vary based on breed, weight of pet, coat type, condition of coat, and temperament of the pet. The prices listed below are estimates.

Snippers, Dog Cat Grooming Prices Boston, Dorchester Grooming Prices

*** For a custom estimate, please contact us directly, or upload your pets photo into their profile on our software. When you drop your pet off for their appointment, your groomer will be able to give you a better idea of what the grooming price will be. The final fee is determined by a combination of time, condition of coat, and the behavior of the pet. Clients who pre-book their pet within 4-6 weeks can expect a consistent fee, while infrequently groomed pets can expect higher fees.

Snippers, Dog Cat Grooming Prices Boston, Dorchester Grooming Prices

A Note on Specialty Breeds:

"Doodles", Poodles, Schnauzers, Spaniels, Double Coated, or Dominant Mixes

Pre-booking Discount, Doodle Grooming, Grooming Poodles, Snippers, Grooming Promotions Discounts Boston

On average, a Full Groom is about an hour and forty-five mins, to two and a half hours. Larger breeds and curly coats, like doodles, usually do take longer, especially for the first visit. We recommend a frequency of 4-6 weeks between grooms for optimal healthy coat care, and to avoid painful matting for your dog. Pre-booking this frequency at the salon includes $5 off the next visit.

If closer to 7 or 8 weeks is preferred by the client, we recommend mini-grooms between appointments, or shorter styles, less than 1/2" long, that are easier to maintain. Most dogs that require haircuts, and regular brushing at home, should not surpass 8 weeks between grooms to avoid painful matting and undesirable shave-down haircuts. Every dog and breed mix is different. Please consult the groomer, they would be happy to recommend the frequency of appointments for your dog, as well as, an at home maintenance routine, together with tools and techniques. 

Grooming Specialty Breeds, How long does grooming take, how often should I groom

De-Matting Policy

For your pets comfort, we will not de-mat a dog’s entire body, (or large areas). Severely matted dogs will be shaved down. De-matting is painful, and is at the groomer's discretion. We firmly believe in Humanity over Vanity. Fur grows back. It can be kept long, but only with regular grooming appointments, and regular, at home maintenance and brushing.

***If your pet “doesn’t let you brush them”, please let us know. We can customize a 20 or 30 minute brush-out appointment, to be scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We also offer mini-grooms which include complete brush outs, they can be scheduled 2-3 weeks after a full grooming session in order to help between complete grooms. A Snippers groomer can assist in recommending tools and brushing techniques as well. We are here to help provide options that ensure your pets coat is maintained on a regular basis, and avoids matting.


24 Hr Cancellation/No Show Policy Strictly enforced.


Please have your pets leashed or in a carrier when coming in for an appointment. Slip leads are supplied if you don’t have one. Cats must be in carriers.


Proof of Valid Rabies Vaccine is Required by law (tags are not applicable). (Photos of Rabies Certificate must be uploaded into your pets profile) Other vaccinations to protect your pet are at the owner's discretion.


We require all clients to create a profile for themselves & their pets on our software. This is how we schedule our appointments & do our billing. In addition, clients must sign a disclaimer in order to use Snipper’s Grooming Services.  


All pets will be given a Coat & Condition Evaluation prior to service by our Groomers, as well as, an estimate for approximate grooming price. Prices are based on time, breed, size of pet, coat type, coat condition, and behavior of pet during grooming session

Our Policies

Here is Snipper's full list of Terms & Conditions. It can also  be found  on our software. You will receive a copy once the 

New Client Enrollment Process  

is complete. 


Please inform our crew if your pet is uncomfortable with dogs, people, loud noises, certain areas of the body being touched, or anything else you feel we should be aware of. (Knicks, cuts, mats, needs frequent pee breaks, allergies, etc.)


Sick, injured, coughing, or overdue to be vaccinated pets, may not enter our facility.


Snippers is a flea-free environment. If you suspect fleas, please inform us prior to your pet’s appointment. In order to remain flea-free, pets found to be infested with fleas or mites, will be given a flea bath, and/or, a mite treatment, at an additional charge of $20.00. 


We do not recommend shaving down double coated breeds such as Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds. Shedding can be controlled with regular grooming. The fur of a properly groomed double coated breed, serves to regulate body temperature. Severely matted dogs and cats will be shaved down to spare them the pain of dematting.


We reserve the right to assess a $22 daycare fee to any dog left more than one hour after the 30-minute pick up call. Please discuss any timing issues with us, prior to your appointment.

What our customers are saying

The Snipper's Team did a Fantastic Job!! Ziggy looks so handsome!!

Mathew Klein, Dorchester

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